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About Sarah Sarty

My Journey with Photography began in a used camera shop, Downtown Ottawa in the early 2000’s. I randomly picked out a 35mm film body, and lens to go with it not knowing much about the technical side but was eager to learn. I continued using film and eventually moved to digital. I am thankful for my film days as it taught me the discipline of getting everything in camera. I still bring out my old 35mm and have a collection of old cameras as it keeps me grounded to my roots.

I would describe my style of photography as organically inspired with an element of vintage flair. I love the raw, the true, and the imperfection of life. I love all the disciplines of photography, and no matter what I am shooting, the frames that stand out the most are those where something real is captured. More in the moment that in the studio, or posed with authenticity.

It has been years of hard work and rewarding experiences which have led to new opportunities for me professionally. Alongside all my sessions with clients, I have put together work for an independent art show and collaborate with other artists in the region.  It all let to an interviewed by the lovely MARK KOIFOIL, Lunch Box, at CHSR FM 97.9 FREDERICTON NB, and as the official photographer for Harvest Jazz and Blues 2018.

I love the creative outlook photography has given me over many years. Discovering the many disciplines it has to offer and learning new techniques is truly something that drives me. I love finding that sweet spot that can turn an image into a work of art.

When on-site, a lot of behind the scenes preparation goes into my work. Planning is a big part of making a session successful, but more often than not the final product that makes the biggest impact are those that are spontaneous.

To find out more about What Happens Behind The Scenes Of A Professional Photo Session, How To Prepare, And Dispelling Myths take a look at my post about just that

“No one ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and they are not the same person”



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What Happens Behind The Scenes Of A Professional Photo Session, How To Prepare, And Dispelling Myths