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Delving Deep: this project would not have been possible without funding fromartsnb




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I am pleased to announce the release of Delving Deep, a final body of work. Production began in February of 2019, with its official release to the public January 31st 2020. Its premier exhibition will be held at Charlote Street Art Centre, Fredericton NB with opening reception Thursday March 5th 2020.

My work aims to be true to an aesthetic that captures a less than perfect and often shockingly emotive perspective. I have a passion for portraiture, working with models of all ages, genders, identity and shapes. My images strive to document their deepest desires within the landscapes of New Brunswick, “Delving Deep” into marshes, rocky cliffs, and coastal terrain. Traveling to many of New Brunswick’s iconic landscapes, unique terrain, and places in-between.

The final body of work is compiled of three parts: digital, film, and installation.

Delving Deep, an installation titled after the project, fuses analog with digital. A total of eight light boxes illuminate landscapes and atmospheres, captured digitally, and are then inverted creating a negative image. Positive transparencies of subjects were created from negative film, and mounted just above the inverted digital image. The audience interacts with the work though their personal devices. The work can then be seen in the way it is intended, and how digital is truly informed by the analog world.

Delving Deep represents the diverse ecology in the province of New Brunswick. The most impactful imagery that speaks to the artist documents the devastation of the flood of 2019. Captured in the surrounding area of the iconic Saint John River and its tributaries. A beauty less seen, within the devastation of the land and the people who live here.

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Sarah is very creative and had some amazing ideas and even brought us some wardrobe options for the shoot! She is very accommodating and was extremely helpful. She went well above the call of duty to make the shoot a success. Wonderful artistic vision and took great shots for my band (and some engagement photos […]

Kurtis Mcallister

Sarah did family photos for us in the summer and we are SO happy with the results! She managed to capture amazing moments in both the larger group shots and the smaller individual family photos. Wholeheartedly recommend! like, love, and share.

Laura Forrester


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Fredericton Photographer, New Brunswick, Canada.

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