Harvest Jazz and Blues 2019

As a festival photographer you don’t have control over details such as when and where you shoot, even to the point of who and what you shoot… You can try to visit your favourite band, but when you are scheduled by fifteen minute intervals, spanning the perimeter of the festival, over a few hours you don’t get much freedom. By the beginning of Harvest I had myself mentally trapped in a little box and was having a hard time getting out. By Saturday I just couldn’t fight it any longer. This is the side of the industry no one really sees or talks about, and the shot list ranges from big name acts to anything under the sun, or the moon as this year had it.

I am grateful for my last two years being an official photographer for Harvest. It is a privilege to shoot for this festival, yet if I had full creative control, I would chain myself in the Barracks photo pit share every profile pick I had from every artist that blessed that stage, and call it a day.

Saying that, It is a lot of planning to make sure every experience of the festival is covered, and there is so much talent to be showcased. Not even an eighth of all content gets shared that is captured and moments are missed because no one can be everywhere at once.

I worked with a great team again this year as James West being one of my favourite official photographers to work with, and a great mentor at that. I am happy to say there were more female professionals involved with this years Harvest, in all areas, with a rare sighting of three women in the photo pit at once. And a big shout out to the Mojo backstage team, you are fantastic!

Here are some of my Favourite shots of the year, some have been shared and some haven’t. Lot’s of the Hypo’s since that is where I finally broke out, way too late in the game …

Juan Morales, Weak Size Fish
Downtown Blues Band
Stephen Lewis-1-2
Jason Merrill, Stephen Lewis Big Band of Fun
Lindsay Beaver-2
Brad Stivers, Lindsay Beaver
Stephen Lewis-2
Big Fan
Chris Murphy, The Transcanada Highwaymen
Larkin Poe-7
Larkin Poe
Big Fan
Aaron Bravener, The Hypochondriacs
Jeannine Gallant, The Hypochondriacs
Stephen Lewis Big Band Of Fun
Josh Bravener, The Hypochondriacs
The Artists Palette, Stephen Lewis Big Band Of Fun
Larkin Poe-6
Larkin Poe
Backstage Baracks
Jeannine Gallant, The Hypochondriacs
Brad Perry, Sound Engineer
Steven Page, The Transcanada Highwaymen
The Gear
The Hypochondriacs
Trans Canadian Highwaymen-4
Another Big Fan
Kelly Waterhouse, The Hypochondriacs
Kelly Waterhouse
Josh Bravener, The Hypochondriacs
Jeannine Gallant, The Hypochondriacs
Big Fan
Trans Canadian Highwaymen-1
The Transcanada Highwaymen
Rockin Fan
Larkin Poe-5
Larkin Poe
The Transcanada Highwaymen, Crowd Experience

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Sarah is very creative and had some amazing ideas and even brought us some wardrobe options for the shoot! She is very accommodating and was extremely helpful. She went well above the call of duty to make the shoot a success. Wonderful artistic vision and took great shots for my band (and some engagement photos […]

Kurtis Mcallister

Sarah did family photos for us in the summer and we are SO happy with the results! She managed to capture amazing moments in both the larger group shots and the smaller individual family photos. Wholeheartedly recommend! like, love, and share.

Laura Forrester


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like, love, and share.

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