More Than Me And You More Than Us But Two…

A conceptual art installation, working with textiles. 

Sarah Sarty’s vision was to create a piece that challenged the social construct of relationships. Combing her knowledge in sewing and upholstery, objects were deconstructed and re-invented to symbolize power dynamics in our everyday lives.

This work was created for the collaborative show “Art is Artist” which took place March 22nd and 23rd at the Pickaroon’s roundhouse in Fredericton NB.

Sarah Sarty is an artist and photographer. The inspiration for this installation is inspired by the symbolism of a wedding dress; circa the 1980s. It was photographed, then later repurposing the material to upholster an occasional chair from the early 1900’s. The ornate beading of the dress was used to accentuate the arms, seat, and back.

The second part of the installation “clothesline” (two metal posts grounded in terracotta pots filled with sand and rock) is used to display undergarments made from found domesticated objects, such as doilies, placemats, and purses that are then hung from the clothesline. The origin of the garments is displayed as images beneath the items on a second string of the clothesline. This collection grows as more objects are found


Sarah is very creative and had some amazing ideas and even brought us some wardrobe options for the shoot! She is very accommodating and was extremely helpful. She went well above the call of duty to make the shoot a success. Wonderful artistic vision and took great shots for my band (and some engagement photos […]

Kurtis Mcallister

Sarah did family photos for us in the summer and we are SO happy with the results! She managed to capture amazing moments in both the larger group shots and the smaller individual family photos. Wholeheartedly recommend! like, love, and share.

Laura Forrester

The Art Is In The Details

Fredericton Photographer, New Brunswick, Canada.

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like, love, and share.
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