Waterloo Row Art Show

Waterloo Row Art Show

The Waterloo Row Art Show featured local artists Angel Terry, Chrissie Park-MacNeil, Dawn Steeves, Paul MacNeil, Peggy Holt and Penny Heather. The event was a one-day garden exhibition held from 10am-6pm at 108 Waterloo Row, Fredericton NB, E3B 1Z1, Canada.

Homemade brownies, shortbread, and punch were served to complete this garden themed gallery with art creatively hung on clotheslines and mounted on fences. It brought richness to this already blossoming garden landscape. If only the art could remain I would want to visit every day to sip tea sit quietly and admire this space.

I was so thrilled to be invited to this event and enjoyed being apart of the narrative. To the artists that I have long admired their work and to the artists who I have enjoyed working with and become dear friends, amazing job, and till next time.





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