Camping with a Photographer

Camping is by far one of my favorite things to do and this would be one of my favorite spots to do it.  Camping with a Photographer must be a little on the perplexing side, but I did my best at keeping my trigger finger at bay. The sunsets alone would have any photographer running for their camera.

This spot, in particular, is close to my heart. It was discovered while glancing at a backroads map, in search of that perfect secluded campground just before my daughter was born. We have since made memories with our children, close friends, family and now our beloved dog.

A fire ban was put in place right when we arrived. Considering how much effort it takes to even get out of the house with two children, we were not abandoning our mini weekend vacation.  In my camping gear is a one burner that I have had a relationship with longer than my husband and I have known each other. It has been my trusty companion for years and can boil water in less than five minutes, cooked many meals and makes a mean cup of coffee.

Next visit, on my list of things to bring, will be a mushroom guide, bug spray, and tiki lamps.

Happy Camping Everyone


Caping with a Photographer

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Two year old, camping with a photographer
This two year old would have preferred to be swimming than have his picture taken (he went into the water right after)

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Camping with a photographer

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