Fifty Years In Love, And Counting.

The Celebration

Fifty years in love. Kathleen and John Patchell just celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary surrounded by their children and grandchildren. The celebration was held at the lovely Tastefunatics in Calabogie, Ontario. Kathleen and John were blessed with six children, Anna, Laura, David, Sarah, Johnathan, and Daniel, who in turn have had children of their own, making the count sixteen ranging in age from early adulthood to tiny two.

In celebration, they placed all their treasured photo albums on display which filled two large tables. It was so touching to see the memories they had made together in the pages. All of which had been carefully curated into what is now the vintage photo book.

The Venue

Tastefunatics served a seven-course meal. All locally sourced, from scratch and to die for, with a story behind each course, and so beautifully plated. The surrounding scenery is stunning, set beside Calabogie lake with amazing artful landscaping. Tall grasses, water features, and unique decor make it a destination to experience for yourself.


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