Rachel Bruch (Belia) + Kurtis Mcallister’s (Eugene) Wedding.

We all gathered to celebrate Rachel Bruch (Belia) + Kurtis Mcallister’s (Eugene) Wedding at The Deanery Projectthis past Saturday, discovering how deeply we love these two people, but not as much as they love each other. Kurtis and Rachel tied the knot June 16th 2018 at The Deanery Project. A place they spent this past winter living as Artists in Residence in the beloved “Tinny”. You could hear how much this place has inspired them in their music. Their time spent has allowed them to immerse themselves in their art and grow as musicians; Kurtis Eugene, Belia. Such a special place to them and so glad I had the opportunity to visit.

I could not resist getting my camera out and take just a few photos of the magic that was happening on stage to celebrate the happy couple. We love you guys so much and can’t wait to see you grow old together.

Love Sarah

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Rachel Bruch (Belia) + Kurtis Mcallister’s (Eugene) Wedding

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