Capital $100 Or Less Art Sale

The Capital $100 Or Less Art Sale is comprised of many local artists from Fredericton NB, offering quality pieces for $100 or less. There was a large variety of Art for sale, from many different artists in the Region, many options to choose from including, acrylic, watercolor, alcohol ink, oil, jewelry, pottery, stained glass, sketch, tapestries, photography and more.

This was only the second Sale and took place May 4th, 5th and 6th 2018, and was a huge success thanks to organizers Laura Forrester (Paint and Sip with Laura) and Penny Heather (Penny Heather Artworks). The organizers have planned this event to take place semi-annually with the Capital $100 or Less Sale both in the spring and winter. But that is not all you can expect from this collaboration of Artists, so stay tuned to what they have planned in the future, So like their facebook page (Capital Art Sale) to find out when the next big sale is taking place, and what comes next for this amazing group of artists.

Take a peek at what was happening opening night, and don’t miss the next sale!

You can find a list of Artist who were apart of this sale below.


List of artists, alphabetically by first name.


Amy Finnie
Alison Veino
Bob Francis
Bobbi Crockett
Brenda Lee Traboulsee
Brittany Schuler
Carolyn Gillis
Cindy MacDonald
Clare Brennan
Courtney Wright
Crissie Park-MacNeil
Carol Randall
David MacDonald
David Walsh
Dawn Mockler
Debb Ferris Bates
Derek Davidson
Geraldine Poirier Baiani

Gladys Neilsen
Gloria White
Joan Crate
Katherine Nightingale
Kimberley Libby
Larry Peters
Laura Forrester
Laurel MacKay
Linda Moore
Lindsey MacKay
Lynda Rae Burke
Marcia Mason
Marie-Paule Paulin
Mirna Gallant
Morgan MacPherson
Lois MacDonald-Layden
Megan Billings
Paul MacNeil
Penny Heather
Razieh Enjilela
Rebekah Heppner
Sadiq Ali
Sandi McKessock

Sarah Sarty
Scott Harris
Sharon Dugas
Vanshika Khaitan

The Capital $100 Or Less Art Sale

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